With offices located in Western New York and China, we are well situated to offer superior customer service. Please contact us for any of your hardwood lumber needs:

Summit Forest Products
4254 N. Buffalo Street, Suite 200
Orchard Park, New York 14127
Tel: 716-508-3674
Fax: 716-508-3673
Email: Info@lona.weider.cc

Mr. Xu
204,49-1,Zhuanjian Road
Minhang District, Shanghai 201108, China
Tel: +86-18616367150
Email: Casey@lona.weider.cc

Mr. Qiu
9-2401, Jinquizhichun, No.6 Zhichun Rd
Haidian Dist, Beijing 100088, China
Tel: +86-185 0289 3712
Email: Gerrard@lona.weider.cc